Conducting professional, accurate inventories of collections and entire homes

As collections and personal property items change and grow over time, it becomes increasingly important to establish and maintain an accurate catalog.  We offer a range of services to document your items before a loss ever occurs.

For clients wishing to simply record home contents, Collector Services videographers can capture footage room by room to document a home’s contents (this can be done in conjunction with, or instead of, an itemized inventory). Our cataloging services range from whole-house inventorying to gallery-specific cataloging – we match what we deliver to the needs of our clientele. Inventoried items are digitally imaged to help document type and quality.

We employ the Object ID methodology in our cataloging work. Object ID is an international standard for describing cultural objects. It was developed through a collaboration of the museum community, police and customs agencies, the art trade, insurance industry, and appraisers of art and antiques. Initiated by the J. Paul Getty Trust in 1993, the standard is now promoted by museums, cultural heritage and art appraisal organizations, major law enforcement agencies (including the FBI, Scotland Yard and Interpol), and insurance companies.